Next Wireless Technology Association (formerly PCCA) workshop:

Massive Broadband Network Densification- Unleashing the Opportunities of 5G

October 25, 2017
Washington D.C.
Held in conjunction with Georgetown University

The WTA Supports the Mobile Computing Promotion Consortium's (MCPC) Start-up Business Support Program for Companies in the Wireless Area to Gain Access to Japan's Markets and Companies.


The WTA evaluates wireless technologies and mobile-communications architectures. It also promotes wireless interoperability through workshops and analysis, and develops industry recommendations. It addresses the interaction between networks, devices, interfaces, computing platforms, middleware and applications.


The Portable Computer and Communications Association, now the Wireless Technology Association, was founded to provide a forum for disparate industries to meet, learn about each other, and collaborate on the interaction of the multiple technologies involved in wireless solutions. The challenges that surround the implementation of true mobility are complex. Without a forum such as the WTA, the realization of the vision would be delayed.


Standards and Architecture Committee
The WTA standards and architecture committee is the most active committee, and conducts regular meetings to investigate new wireless technologies. It previously defined interface standards for wireless modems and network management approaches for wireless and mobile computing. The committee produced standards STD-101 and STD-201.


News and Activities
This area provides information about forthcoming meetings. It also has press releases and information on other activities.


Membership and Association Information
Here is where you can find details about the WTA, information about our members and how you can join us in building the wireless industry.


Members Only
This area includes contributions made by members and other valuable information. (Contact the WTA if your company is a member and you need a user ID and password). Members now can search for content spanning multiple meetings.


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