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What Is The WTA? 

The WTA is a non-profit organization formed to provide a forum for ALL companies and individuals interested in interoperable mobile computing and communications.

The WTA Charter 

The purpose of the WTA is to enable, develop, and promote the adoption of software and hardware standards and recommendations for interoperable mobile computing and communications.

Why Was the Portable Computer and Communications Association Formed?

The WTA (formerly PCCA) was formed to help promote interaction among all the companies involved in designing, marketing, and implementing wireless communications and mobile computing products and services. 

We identified the need for an organization where all these different companies and individuals could meet to discuss common issues, work toward common communications standards, and help promote the acceptance of mobile wireless computing. 

How Is the WTA Different from other Organizations? 

The WTA Charter states that our purpose is to enable, develop, and promote the adoption of software and hardware standards for interoperable mobile computing and communications. 

We are the only organization addressing issues across all the communications and computing platforms. Most of the other organizations are concerned only with a small portion of the overall wireless activity.

The WTA believes each segment is important in the implementation of wireless mobility, and there MUST be interaction and interoperability across multiple communications solutions if end users are to adopt wireless as a way of life. 

The WTA is not in competition with any other organizations. Instead, we have invited representatives from other organizations to sit on our advisory board and to assist us in our goals. 

What Is the Goal of the WTA? 

The WTA is a non-profit corporation formed to promote the acceptance of wireless mobility. It provides a meeting place where competitors can work side-by-side for the common good of the industry, where corporate implementors can come to obtain information, and where the good of the industry comes before the specific objectives of any one member. 

What Kind of People Make Up the Membership? 

Membership levels of the WTA have been structured to permit various levels of participation from large, medium, and small companies, individuals, and other organizations working toward our common goals. 

We encourage membership from companies and individuals not only from within the various industries, but also from those who will be using these technologies in real-world situations. Our desire is to not only work with vendor members, but also with the user community to provide feedback for future wireless requirements. 

The top two membership levels (Executive and Associate) provide for two representatives from each company. The trend we are seeing is that one is generally a top manager and the other is from the technical side of the organization. 

What are Some of the Accomplishments of the WTA? 

The PCCA Modem Standards Committee has recently finished its work on NDIS. Wireless NDIS, or STD-201 as it is officially designated, will allow software developers to add wireless capability to Windows applications such that they can work uniformly over any wireless wide area data modem or network, including Analog and Digital Cellular, Ardis, CDPD, Metricom, Mobitex, and future broadband and narrowband PCS networks. 

The WTA Modem Standards Committee's previous achievements include the release of WTA STD-101, a Wireless AT Command Set that is an open data link interface for switched and packet-switched wide-area network modems. 

Numerous other standards have been developed that can be accessed from the page for the standards and architecture committee.

What Other Concerns Does the WTA Expect to Address in the Future?

The WTA intends to continue addressing the complex issues that result in the overlap between mobile computing, wireless networking, applications and content. 

How Often Does the WTA Meet?

The WTA has been holding general meetings in conjunction with major conferences. As committees develop, the chairmen will schedule meetings at their discretion. The WTA standards and architecture committee meets about once per quarter. 

What Do I Get When I Join the WTA?

In general, members will be able to have a major influence on the direction and progress of mobile communications by taking an active role in endorsement of standards. The WTA offers a forum to bring together all mobile computing participants. Informational mailings will be aimed at keeping members abreast of developments in the wireless communications arena. 

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