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We formed this not-for-profit association to bring together individuals and companies interested in working together to help create a vital, thriving industry in mobile computing. 

Technology advances in hardware design, increasing availability of radio frequency network services, and government policy changes of spectrum allocations have combined to create an industry that crosses most previous boundaries. We have had computer associations, networking associations, and communications associations for many years. But none of the existing groups provide a forum to bring together all the participants in mobile computing in a single organization. Thus, the PCCA (now the WTA) was conceived.  

A small core of people began formation of the PCCA in June, 1992. This foundation, with participation by companies such as Apple Computer, Traveling Software, RAM Mobile Data, Motorola, ARDIS, and others, led to formal incorporation of the PCCA in May of 1993. 

As a member of the WTA, you will have a significant impact on the work of the organization. Your input will carry real weight, and you'll learn about emerging technologies and standards as they evolve -- not after it's too late to change them.

To become a member, please contact us by e-mail or phone.

Thank you for your support.

Membership Committee, WTA 


Click here for the bylaws of the WTA
Click here for the Intellectual Property Rights policy

The WTA has a memorandum of understanding with the Open Group, Mobile Management Forum, which was executed on November 6, 2002. 

The WTA has a memorandum of understanding with the Mobile Computing Promotion Consortium of Japan which was executed on February 29, 2000. 

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