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Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution (EDGE)


August 19-20 , 2003. Indianapolis, IN. Hosted by Cingular Wireless.
Chair: Peter Rysavy, Rysavy Research.


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Operators have successfully deployed GPRS globally. Now operators are preparing to launch a new radio technology for GPRS called Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution. EDGE promises to triple data rates and double network capacity. The purpose of this meeting is to present and discuss details of the technology, including deployment status, device availability and supported applications. Questions targeted for the meeting include:

  • How does EDGE work?
  • What are its performance characteristics?
  • How can some of the controversy about EDGE be resolved?
  • What are the applications for EDGE versus GPRS and UMTS?
  • What are the implications of EDGE on devices, middleware, infrastructure     software and applications?
  • What are expected EDGE deployments?
  • Who are the different groups driving EDGE adoption?
  • How does EDGE compare with CDMA2000 technologies?
  • How can EDGE and WLAN hotspots be combined?
  • How can wireless performance be further enhanced with software approaches?



The meeting will be over two days, with a workshop on the first day, and a meeting the second day.


August 19 - Workshop (hosted by Intel).

We will be holding an interoperability workshop that emphasizes end-to-end application deployment over EDGE. This workshop is open to vendors of devices, infrastructure software, platforms and wireless applications. This workshop will be an excellent opportunity for any organization interested in EDGE to obtain hands-on experience. There are no particular requirements for being able to participate in this workshop.

Note that participants can choose to conduct testing privately, and we only publish testing results that are not considered sensitive. The purpose of the workshop is for companies to confirm operation or identify issues that they can individually resolve. We will not publicly expose specific problems. However, if there are general issues that apply to a technology or the industry overall, then we will raise the appropriate awareness. Ron Smith of Intel, chair of the PCCA Wireless Workshop Task Force, will be coordinating the workshop.


8:00 to 9:00 - Room open, preconfiguration of hardware

9:00 to 9:30 - Kickoff meeting

12:00 to 1:00 - Lunch served (courtesy of Intel)

4:00 to 5:00 - debriefing

August 20 - Meeting.

This meeting will summarize testing results from the workshop, and will consist of presentations on EDGE technology, including capabilities, integration with other networks, applications consideration and deployment.


Meeting time: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The preliminary agenda is as follows.

  • Introductions
  • Organization update and future meetings
  • Host Presentation: Subodh Upreti, Cingular Wireless. "EDGE Plans and Business Drivers"
  • Presentation: Tomas Köhler, Ericsson. EDGE capabilities and mechanisms in detail, infrastructure considerations
  • High-level review of workshop results
  • Presentation: Tom Kost, Nokia. "Device Perspective, Market realities, Service Deployment and Future State"
  • Presentation: Don Hjort, AT&T Wireless. "EDGE Trial Overview"
  • Presentation: Alan Shen, Microsoft. "Wireless WAN Support in Windows."
  • Presentation: Greg Matthews, TTPCom. "Implications of EDGE on Real Devices"
  • Presentation: Prabha Aithal, Cingular Wireless. "GSM North America EDGE Task Force Activities"
  • Presentation: Matti Salmenkaita, Tartec. EDGE performance analysis, including transport and application protocol overhead.
  • Discussion and analysis of impacts and consequences of EDGE technology


The workshop and meeting will be held at the Indianapolis Marriott North, Indianapolis, Indiana.


Indianapolis Marriott North

3645 River Crossing Parkway
Indianapolis, IN 46240, USA

Phone: 1-317-705-0000
Fax: 1-317-819-1099


Reservations: 1-800-228-9290

Group name: PCCA

Group rate: $149 plus tax

Room block available until August 11, 2003

Transportation: Carey Limousine Service, 1-317-240-6124, see booth at ground transportation area.


The registration deadline is one week prior to the meeting.

If you are interested in attending this meeting, please register by sending e-mail to:


Please include your name, company name, e-mail address and phone number and indicate whether you are attending the workshop, meeting or both. Non-member organizations that have not attended a prior PCCA meeting, interested in the topic and wishing to learn about the PCCA, may attend for a fee of $350 per person. This fee can be applied towards membership. For others, please contact us for arrangements.

This fee is waived for companies invited to present.


The following information is for people presenting at this PCCA meeting: 

  • Presentations are typically 30 minutes to 45 minutes long unless arranged otherwise.
  • This is a technical audience, so please make the presentations technical. Emphasis

  • should be on industry issues and proposed solutions versus selling your product. 
  • There is usually a 5 to 15 minute discussion following the presentation.
  • We will provide an LCD projector.
  • The audience is technical, consisting mostly of engineering and program managers.
  • Generally, 30 to 50 people attend each meeting, representing a broad spectrum of

  • the wireless industry, including carriers, infrastructure vendors, device vendors, 
    software vendors and computer vendors. 
  • If you are presenting a technical contribution, please provide hard copy for attendees. We will advise you on the number. 
  • We request a copy of your presentation (PDF or PPT) before the meeting so that we
  • can post it in the members area of the PCCA web page. 

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