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Connection Managers and Wireless Management Interfaces


May 12, 2005. Seattle, WA. Hosted by NetMotion Wireless.
Chair: Peter Rysavy, Rysavy Research.




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Connection managers are the software utilities that allow users to control their wireless network connections. These managers may also configure items such as protocol stacks, COM ports as well as Bluetooth and IR configurations. They are supplied by multiple entities, including wireless operators, modem vendors, computer operating system vendors, computer hardware platform vendors, roaming enablers and wireless middleware providers. Their existence can simplify the user experience considerably, but they can also affect interoperability and cause complications, such as when a user wishes to have access to multiple networks and needs more than one manager.

Wireless management interfaces are provided by the operating system and by modem vendors to access network status and to manage connections. Connection managers, other network management utilities and applications themselves rely on these interfaces. The PCCA has previously developed standards in this area, and in this meeting seeks to assess industry developments for the key operating systems. Historically, these interfaces have been fragmented across devices and vendors, and have thus been one of the barriers to broader usage of wireless data by complicating user experiences and application integration. To complicate matters further, some connection managers provide their own interfaces for applications to manage connections.


This meeting will address questions such as:


  • What are all the functions and benefits of connection managers?
  • What are the conflicts and problems that arise through use of connection managers?
  • What could the industry do to facilitate the use of these managers?
  • What interface standardization would help connection management?
  • What are the key wireless management interfaces available today?
  • What wireless management interfaces are forthcoming from major computer operating system vendors?
  • How and when should application developers use these interfaces?
  • How can users be provided the best usage experience through improved interfaces and managers?




May 12, 2005. 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.


Continental breakfast, lunch provided. The preliminary agenda is as follows:

Note: informal demonstrations of connection managers during lunch period.


  • PCCA meeting schedule
  • Host presentation: Emil Sturniolo, NetMotion Wireless.
  • Presentation: Stewart Skomra, Intel. "Overview of IEEE 802.21, Standard to Enable Handover and Interoperability Between Heterogeneous Network Types."
  • Presentation: Chris Wiggin, Tatara Systems. "Architectures for Providing Mobile Convergence Across Multiple Network Technologies."
  • Presentation: Sandeep Sardana, iPass. "iPass Connection Client."
  • Presentation: Clive Wright, Xybec Solutions. "The Challenges and Future of Connection Management in a Diverse Wireless Ecosystem."
  • Presentation: Craig Lurey, JiWire. "Hotspot Connection Management and Security."
  • Presentation: Christian Huitema, Microsoft. Windows Wireless Management Interfaces.
  • Presentation: Richard Paine, Boeing. "Boeing Implementation of The Open Group's Secure Mobile Architecture Specification."
  • Discussion and analysis.
  • Development of industry recommendations.
  • Action items pursuant to this meeting to further address this topic.


Note: agenda is subject to change




The meeting will be held at:

Adobe Conference Center

701 North 34th Street

Seattle WA 98103


Directions to the center from the hotel are as follows


1. Go west along the lake then north on Westlake Ave W and cross the Fremont Bridge.
2. Turn right onto N. 34th St (just after the bridge).
3. Take the next right (under the Aurora Bridge).
4. Take a right at the stop sign.
5. Take another (immediate) right into a parking area.
6. This is a U Pay parking lot. All day parking is $3.00.
7. The door to the conference center is off of the street.

Click here for a Google Map to the meeting center from the hotel:


Click here for a PDF map to the meeting center from the airport.




The Silver Cloud on Lake Union
1150 Fairview Ave. N.
Seattle, WA 98109


The rooms are on hold with the Silver Cloud on Lake Union until April 22nd.


Reservations can be made by calling 1-800-330-5812 and giving the group name "PCCA" to obtain the discounted room rate . Room rates are as follows:


Standard non-view room single/double occupancy: $109.


Deluxe lakeview room single/double occupancy: $119.00


Continental breakfast is included.
A taxi from the airport to the hotel is approximately $40.00. Shuttle Express to the hotel is approximately $24.00.





The registration deadline is one week before the meeting.


Meetings are intended primarily for PCCA members. However, non-member organizations may attend for a fee of $375 per person. Executive-level members may send five people, associate-level members may send two people and affiliate-level members may send one person to the meeting without incurring meeting charges.


Click here to register for the meeting using our secure Web page.




The following information is for people presenting at this PCCA meeting: 


  • Presentations are typically 30 minutes to 45 minutes long unless arranged otherwise.
  • This is a technical audience (e.g., engineering and program managers), so please make the presentations technical. Emphasis
  • should be on industry issues and proposed solutions versus selling your product.
  • Generally, 30 to 50 people attend each meeting, representing a broad spectrum of the wireless industry, including carriers, infrastructure vendors, device vendors, 
    software vendors and computer vendors.
  • There is usually a 5 to 15 minute discussion following the presentation.
  • We will provide an LCD projector.
  • We request a copy of your presentation (PDF or PPT) before the meeting so that we can post it in the members area of the PCCA web page. 


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