The Standards and Architecture Committee

Historical Specifications and Standards

The standards and recommendations developed by the Standards and Architecture Committee include the following. (To open the document, click on it. To download it, right-click on it and select the "save link as" or equivalent download option.)

AT Via IP. MS Word format. Motorola, January 17, 2002. Draft version 1.0. Preliminary specification for transport of AT commands over IP-based connections.


Proposed Unimodem Extensions for CDMA and TDMA Services. MS Word format. Ericsson, August 23, 2000 PCCA Meeting, Revision 1.0.


STD-201: Extensions to NDIS for Wireless WANs. Revision 1.1. ZIP file with MS Word format documents. This standard has been incorporated in Microsoft Windows NT version 4 and later. This standard passed the letter ballot on August 11, 2000.


STD-101: Data Transmission Systems and Equipment - Serial Asynchronous Automatic Dialing and Control for Character Mode DCE on Wireless Data Services (ZIP file) - This is the core AT command standard that specifies how AT commands operate with wireless modems. This document incorporates Annex A, "Building on this Standard." This standard has been published by TIA as TIA-678. Note that TIA-678 incorporates PCCA annexes in the following way: 

TIA-678 Annex A = STD-101 Annex A
TIA-678 Annex B = STD-101 Annex F
TIA-678 Annex C = STD-101 Annex I 
TIA-678 Annex D = STD-101 Annex D 

TIA-678 can be obtained from Global Engineering Documents: 1-800-854-7179, 1-303-397-7956.

STD-101 Annex D: PAD Control. MS Word format. This annex specifies packet assembler/disassembler functions in wireless modems.

STD-101 Annex F: Miscellaneous Commands. MS Word format. This annex defines AT commands that are specific to wireless networks, such as signal strength, registration status and antenna preference. 

STD-101 Annex I: Command Extensions for Analog Cellular Data Modems. MS Word format.

STD-101 Annex L: Command Set Extensions for CDPD Modems. PDF format.

STD-101 Annex L: Command Set Extensions for CDPD Modems. MS Word format.

STD-101 Annex O: Wake Up Control Commands. MS Word format. This annex describes AT commands which provide wake-up capabilities. The wake-up function is a power management capability of mobile equipment. The wake-up means that an event such as incoming call causes the resuming (reactivation) of an information terminal (e.g. PC) which is in a stand-by state. These commands were submitted by the Mobile Computing Promotion Consortium of Japan (MCPC). The PCCA and MCPC have joint copyright of this standard. This standard passed the letter ballot on August 11, 2000.

STD-201: Appendix G: Wireless LAN Objects - DRAFT. MS Word format. Objects for wireless LANs.

IP Modem Interface Standard - DRAFT. MS Word format. Defines a packet interface to modems based on IP protocols. 


Changes to standards. Text format. This document summarizes changes to standards. It currently lists new +WS45 and +WS46 values for STD-101.

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